“A beautiful house in beautiful grounds”

A beautiful house, in beautiful grounds. We have had a wonderful time, with excellent attention and service from Monique and Jean-Claude, Christophe & Isabelle. We enjoyed two fantastic meals, courtesy of Monique & Jean-Claude and endorse everything you told us about Monique & Jean-Claude (nothing was too much trouble), especially their patience with our franglais!

Un tres tres bon vacances, nous voudrai retourner. Merci beaucoup a Monique pour service exceptionnel. A bientot avec un peu de chance.

“The perfect French farmhouse in the perfect setting”

We came hoping to find the perfect French farmhouse in the perfect setting in a beautiful corner of the country. We hoped to enjoy the local food, wine and weather, with long, slow evenings with good friends and great conversation, fun and laughter.

We wanted to cycle along empty country lanes, under perfect summer skies, stopping for a beer or two at a sleepy village bar in the middle of nowhere.

And perhaps a few games of table tennis, a vineyard in Cahors, a lively night market in Vianne, a pool without corners, lizards, comfortable beds, a fantastic, well-equipped kitchen for the resident chefs to try their best in — wonderful fresh produce from friendly neighbors, starlit nights — peace. We found all this at La Bique. Thank you.

“Excellent holidays in your magnificent house”

We spent excellent holidays in your magnificent house. We were welcomed with a lot of kindness & efficiency by Monique et Jean-Claude and we felt like at home! We indeed hope to return next summer. Robert, Christine and their "clan": Charles, Sophie, Eric, Thisault, Pierre, Henri et Arnaury

Ce que l'on appelle des "vacances de reve"!

Merci pour ta piscine Andrew!!

Merci very much!

C'etait super cool, Merci

Merci pour ces superbes vacances! Ouai!

Thank you! :)

“The nicest house and grounds”

We are a bunch of friends (some missing from the photo, alas) who have holidayed in France together for the last four years and we can safely say this is the nicest house and grounds we have spent it in together.

The reception we received was unparalleled, the house was fabulous, the pool was gorgeous, the pentanque/ games room was superb and the attention from Monique and Jean Claude so unique. They helped us when hiccups occurred and they feed us with their exceptional cooking. Nothing was too much for them and the rest of their family (adorable dogs included)

Also highly recommended is L'Ecuelle D'Or — gorgeous, inexpensive restaurant in Clairac, a boat trip along the canal from Buzet — pop along to the vineyard's wine shop and a cycle ride to Laparade — a long, winding climb not for the faint-hearted but well worth the views.

“We spent here a wonderful time”

A charming farmhouse with beautiful garden in amazing countryside. We had spent here wonderful time. Special thanks for Monique & Jean-Claude, for warm welcome and they hospitability. We were visiting some castles and cave wine. And restaurants with good local cuisine. We also enjoyed games-room.

“A wonderful stay in this very well equipped house”

We had a wonderful stay in this very well equipped house. Everything we possibly could imagine was at our disposal. Thanks a lot for sharing. Many thanks to Monique and Jean-Claude for the warm welcome and the fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Un grand plaisir to be here”

It was un grand plaisir to be here, in this magnifique maison. We enjoyed a lot the piscine, the sun and the comfort of this beautiful batisse.

We hope to etre la the next annee.

“A beautiful holiday in this dreamy house”

Back one year later and again beautiful holiday in this dreamy house! Everything was perfect, merci a Monique & JC pour la accueil V.I.P. A l'annee prochaine, why not!?

Thank you very much for your wonderful swimming pool. :)

It was wonderful!

Merci pour cette magnifique maison.

“The best accommodation by far”

Thank you very much for the use of your beautiful house. It was absolutely fabulous — the best accommodation by far that we have stayed in. The equipment in the kitchen along with the steady stream of fresh fruit and vegetables supplied by Jean-Claude and Monique accompanied by the exhaustive herb collection turned us all into budding gourmet chefs. The house itself was very spacious and the views were magnificent day and night.

The surrounding area was very tranquil and the locals very friendly. We are at L'Ecuelle D'Or in Clairac and would definitely recommend a visit. A visit to 'Le parc en ciel' come rain or shine is well worth a visit if you're feeling energetic. Most of all this is the place to come if you need to recharge your batteries. The worst part of this holiday is the going home!

Thank you once again — hope to be back in 2009.

“It is absolutely beautiful”

Thank you very much for the house. It is absolutely beautiful, and thanks to some fine weather we really enjoyed ourselves in the nice pool (despite the smaller members of the family's fear of the Ray-vac, nicknamed Razac). Thank you particularly to Jean-Claude and Monique for both their sunny kindness and their wonderful vegetables. We particularly enjoyed visiting their farm and seeing how they make prunes. We made some lovely visits to Nerac and other nearby towns but spent a good deal of time simply lazing about, helped by the wonderful collection of books!

Many thanks once again

“We hope to come back soon”

Thank you very much for everything —

We spent a very nice time in your sweet home!

We hope to come back soon.

Greetings —

The friends of Barcelone, Paris, Marseille…

Happy New Year 2008

“A wonderful week in your wonderful house”

We spent a wonderful spring week in your wonderful house.

50% warm sunny days when we used the pool and 50% perfect days for touring (Musee de Foie Gras and Musee de Pruneaux not to miss).

Some ratings:
The kitchen *****
The reception at Font de Gamme caves :( :(
(she didn't let us in and didn't tell what to do)
The house *****+
The hospitality and helpfulness of Monique et
Jean-Claude *****
The strawberries *****
The inability of taking orders quickly enough at
the hamburger restaurant at the Walibi park :(
The beautiful city of Agen! ****
The pool *****

“Lovely and excellently appointed house”

The Trobe and De La Fueute families (all related) thoroughly enjoyed their visit to this lovely and excellently appointed house. We particularly appreciated the pool and the Games Room. We transformed the separate buildings into a music studio for our budding rock musician and his uncle who put on a concert one evening, ably assisted by 4 little girls & dance routines!

“Such a good time at La Bique”

The Monaghans+Kells'
   with Aunt Sioux on tow
Had such a good time at La Bique
   a-home they don't wanna go
The pool it was fantastic
   to cool down in the beating sun
Lilo races and water volleyball
   they really were such fun
Boules and table tennis
   Bar-b-q's nearly every night
Plus two amazing thunderstorms
   what a fantastic sight
Jean-Claude & Monique helped in every way
But all good things must come to an end
   back home to Glossop we go

“We'll be back”

We have had a fabulous holiday. Some of us have had a very active time — walking to Laparade and Castelmoron, racing on our lilos in the lilo olympics and rescuing princesses from pirates (though we left that to the kids). We have had made many friends: the lady in the patisserie who smiled sweetly at my father as he purchased our daily cake, the lady at the shop, who greets him as a long lost friend (as he purchased baby food, again) and Jean-Claude and the famille who have put up with our franglais, our poor bbquing, and our numerous queries about the pool. We'll miss them all and hope they will miss us. We'll be back with children of greater age, adults of longer tooth but the wine —well we'll all need more of that!

“Thank you for the most amazing holiday”

Thank you for the most amazing holiday, we enjoyed: Jean-Claude, Monique & Family's kindness & hospitality, french sunshine, kittens, bikes with baskets, lizards, naked in the house, the games room, emergency services staffed by wonderful volunteers, circular table tennis, whirlpool in the swimming pool, the warty toad, kittens, swimming pool, inflatables, amazing food, two deserts at the creperie, fields growing all manner of exciting fruit and veg. Madminton, the mummy cat, the grey kitten, the black & white kitten, the grey & white kitten, lounging, alfresco cooking, the vast array of cutlery & cooking equipment, enormous washing machine, the deep bath, the promise of robotic monks, kittens, herbs in the garden, butterflies, cakes from the patisserie, lilos, "Firsty" & their exciting goods, big long washing line, the green tiled bathroom, the pool lights at night, exciting wallpaper, midnight swimming, exposed beams, comfy beds, stargazing.

“House is magnifique”

Thanks from me and my freeloading friends for a wonderful week at La Bique. (Keith's orange and crispy). House is magnifique, pool, pingpong, & pentanque pitch used and abused. All to a soundtrack of Nina Simone. Road to Laparade and Villa Smeralda well worn — but why is everywhere else closed!! Jean-Claude, Monique, et all were welcoming & hospitable as always and put up with Claudine's annoying French (Someone had to translate mumbling Scottish French!)

Hey, Claudine here — really was a lovely week and chillaxing (as they say in rough parts of London/Essex where going back to!) Ready to face Brit Winter & serious work with golden tan & less furrowed brows. Much love & best wishes.

“Thank you for the moments out of time”

Thank you for the moments out of time. Even in winter what a pleasure to meet together before the fireplace. A big bravo to Monique and Jean Claude for their hospitality, their cooking and their friendliness. I get great joy just to have a fire crackling in the fireplace, sofas just right for flopping in, great hospitality from the neighbours, plus of course their cooking. A house where you'd like to stay and see the tranquility of times past. A magnificent holiday in a magnificent house. Calm, rest, serenity. Thankyou for the magic moments.

“The weekend between cousins was much appreciated”

The weekend between cousins was much appreciated. The house is beautiful and the hospitality warm. What a pleasure to enjoy the first rays of the sun in such surroundings. We will be back.

“Thanks for the lovely experience”

Thanks for the lovely experience for bona fide city folks like us! It was a time to find the quieter rhythm in us and we enjoyed ourselves. You have a beautiful place and I can see why you're so proud of it. Thank you once again!

“Un tres jolie vacance, merci beaucoup!”

Un tres jolie vacance, merci beaucoup! Or something like that we think - anyway a great time has been had by us all. Beautiful house and grounds; lots of fun in the games room (especially Round the World table tennis); lovely pool in which bobbing about was a very popular pastime. Monique, Jean Claude and family were the icing on the cake - Chris had a real birtday to remember a la Francais. We hope to return some day.

“Family vacation”

Family vacation. We greatly appreciated the lovely space of this big house awaiting us without the hassle of having to make our own beds on arrival. The pool was perfect and was where the adults relaxed and the children played. Thanks again to Monique and Jean Claude for their friendly hospitality.

“Thank you everybody for making our stay so memorable”

Thank you everybody for making our stay so memorable, especially Monique for her beautifully prepared meals. I loved the pool as I started a fun James Bond game in it with my brother and friends. I liked paddling in the shallow end. I liked fishing.

“A wonderful week in your delightful house”

We have had a wonderful week in your delightful house with all the family, as a 70th birthday present for me - the best holiday that could possible be, with all the family around me. Thanks to Mike. A truly relaxing and special time.

“A fantastic end to the year”

A fantastic end to the year, here, in this really pretty house. 2010 began with a new desire - return to La Bique! Merci to Jean Claude and Monique for their kindness and with whom we share lunch at 1pm! We enjoyed our stay in your beautiful house and hope to do it again one day.